Thursday, June 15, 2017

Miss Gabrielle Ray

Rotary postcard 470 B.

September 12, 1905. From J. Lo to Miss Bee Armitage (Over Brewery, Over, Winsford): 

"Hope you will like this position"

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  1. Nice card of Miss Ray, I wouldn't mind having her in my picnic hamper lol J. Beagles did the same view butas a printed postcard which isn't as good quality

  2. Here is the full text of the backside:
    "Dear Bee, Excuse me for not writing before. Hope you will like this position. With much love to all. From all. J lo."
    Addressed to Miss B. Armitage, Over Brewery, Over, Winsford.

    1. Some of the messages are quite poignant, I have one that talks about the Zeppelin "zeppies" flying over Essex and the newspaper report of the deaths the following day.


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