Friday, September 29, 2017

Maude On The Cover

I discovered that the American post-punk band Protomartyr uses an image of Maude Fealy for the album art of their new album 'Relatives In Descent'. And it appears to be based on one of my own postcards! Here is the original picture:

Check the imprint of the postmark on the album cover and on this postcard in the upper right corner, their artwork designer (Joe Casey) indeed used my card! (the postmark is dated May 27 1906 5:30PM)

And here are some more pictures of Maude posing as a nun:

(all postcards from my own collection)

next episode: ?


  1. Lovely to see that Maude Fealy is still popular

  2. Thanks for the information, Rob. I'm not familiar with Protomartyr but like the postcards, you have a good collection.

  3. Nice post, Rob - interesting discovery...
    I am starting to get the idea that you have "quite the collection" ;)

  4. Did the band give you credit for finding the card? I was unfamiliar with Protomartyr as well. Splendid pic.

    1. No, but I don't mind. It's fun seeing pics of my blog pop up here and there!

    2. Too bad. It's still an honor!

  5. Very interesting. My grandmother had a sister named Maude who lived just short of two months.


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