About me


Name: Rob Stevens
City: Amersfoort
Occupation: IT at the HQ of a large DIY chain
Year of birth: 1971
E-mail: robste@xs4all.nl
Facebook: facebook.com/rob.stevens.5095

I live in a terraced house in one of the Northern districts of Amersfoort in the geographical center of The Netherlands.

I decorated the living room with classic movie poster reproductions from the 20s en 30s (Gloria Swanson-Jean Harlow-Greta Garbo).

The hall and staircase are decorated with photos of a.o. Francis Farmer and Gene Tierney, and with maps of New Netherland (present-day New York-Connecticut-New Jersey-Delaware).

At the photo at the right a part of my Daguerreotype collection is visible. I like to spot them for high quality and low priced at Ebay, but it's difficult. 

This was my 22 year old cat:

Every year I visit a major city:


On my travel-wish-list are Southern France (Côte D'Azur, Route Napoleon) and New York State.

My interesses are mainly music and history. I have studied geophysics, but I did not finish, and now I work at the IT department of a DIY HQ in Diemen, a suburb of Amsterdam (not that I'm an IT expert, I focus on the functional site of programs).

I like to create things. Whether it involves photographs, or music, or blogging, or movie scripts. To see the end result gives a feeling of satisfaction. I'm not doing it for the money, I just like to tinker and experiment a bit and see what happens.

Some old pics of my parents.

This blog is a constant work in progress (and so am I) ...

My other websites:
citywalls and gates in Amersfoort (Dutch)
demolished beautiful buildings in Amersfoort (Dutch)
music blog

Suggestions, remarks, questions, I love to hear read your thoughts: Fill out my contact form!


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