Name: Amersfoort (meaning: fordable place in the Amer river)
City rights: 1259
Population: 150.000
Famous inhabitants: Piet Mondriaan (painter), Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt (first Dutch PM)

More info can be found here.

Some facts:

The first Dutch automobile (brand name: Eysink) was made in Amersfoort in 1897.

Once there were more than hundred brewing factories in Amersfoort. Today 3 2 companies are still making Amersfoort beer.

The only place in The Netherlands with a double encirclement of canals. And the only place with a combined medieval land and water gate.

Among the first settlers of current day New York were many people from Amersfoort and surroundings. A farming village at Long Island was called New Amersfoort, later renamed in Flatlands, and is now part of Brooklyn, NYC.

Some KPIs about The Netherlands:
- 6th largest exporter worldwide
- 4th largest investor on foreign countries
- 16th large seconomy

A well-known saying in Holand is 'Amersfoort Aan Zee',  indicating the results when the dikes will fail. Amersfoort will then become the main seaport, the most important city, and thereby probably the new capital.

My websites about Amersfoort (in Dutch):

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