Time Management

I always seem to have a chronic lack of time. Luckily there are many tips floating around on the interwebs. Here are some recommendations which work for me:
  • Start with something you most dread to do, or with something which will gives you a structural result (so don't start with your social media, e-mails, TV, etc).  
  • Start right away, don't go eating first. Breakfast / diner can wait.
  • Go the extra mile; when you tired and/or not in the mood anymore try to continue for a little while before you stop.
  • When the task is large try to do a little bit every day, every trip around the world always starts with a first step.
  • Work with deadlines (and promise yourself rewards).
  • Get as much done as early in the day as you can (get out of bed early).
  • When you're not in the mood: go away and do something active (walking, clean the house, etc).
  • Stay in your circle: only focus on the direct task at hand. This prevents brooding and choking.
  • Create habits. For example every Monday night you do a specific task.
  • Make every day a ranked list with the most important things to do.
Now go forth and be fruitful and creative!


  1. Great suggestions Rob. I am in complete agreement with the recommendations. I will have to work a bit on compliance.
    I have always felt that oftentimes, the dread of a task is worse than the performance of the task itself. Yes, get that monkey off your back and the rest of the chores seem less taxing.
    (Hang in there Buster!)

    1. Thank you! I'm lacking compliance as well. But when I have finally started a task, and I can get in a state of flow, it is hard to stop.


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